To transcode an archetype file escrow.arl to michelson:

$ archetype escrow.arl

To transcode to whyml:

$ archetype -t whyml escrow.arl

To list available target languages:

$ archetype --list-target
target available:

To list available commands:

$ archetype --help
usage : archetype [-t <lang> | -pt | -ast | -mdl | -ir | -c | -lsp <request> ] [ -sci <caller_address> ] [ -mu <json_metatdata_uri> | -ms <path_to_json_metatdata> ] [ -r ] <file>
Available options:
-c compile to michelson
--compile Same as -c
-d decompile from michelson
--decompile Same as -d
-t <lang> Transcode to <lang> language
--target Same as -t
--list-target List available target languages
-pt Generate parse tree
--parse-tree Same as -pt
-ast Generate typed ast
--typed-ast Same as -ast
-mdl Generate model
--model Same as -mdl
-omdl Generate optimized model
--optimized-model Same as -omdl
-fp Focus property (with whyml target only)
--focus-property Same as -fp
-sci Set caller address for initialization
--set-caller-init Same as -sci
-mu Set metadata uri
--metadata-uri Same as -mu
-ms Set metadata in storage
--metadata-storage Same as -ms
-lsp <request> Generate language server protocol response to <resquest>
--list-lsp-request List available request for lsp
--service <service> Generate service response to <service>
--list-services List available services
-m Pretty print model tree
--model Same as -m
-r Print raw model tree
--raw Same as -r
-ry Print raw model tree
--raw-whytree Same as -r
-ir Generate intermediate representation
--intermediate-representation Same as -ir
-dir Generate intermediate decompilation
--d-intermediate-representation Same as -dir
-rdir Generate reduced intermediate decompilation
--reduced-d-intermediate-representation Same as -rdir
-mici Output micheline
-mi Output michelson
-ri Print raw intermediate representation
--raw-ir Same as -ri
-rm Print raw michelson
--raw-michelson Same as -rm
-j Json
--json Same as -j
-rj Raw Json
--raw-json Same as -rj
--trace Activate trace
--show-entries Show entries
--init Initialize parameters
--no-js-header No javascript header
-V <id> process specication identifiers
-v Show version number and exit
--version Same as -v
-help Display this list of options
--help Display this list of options

VS code extension

The archetype extension provides:

  • syntax highlighting

  • LSP support

  • transcoding commands

The archetype extension provides commands to compile to Michelson, and to launch the why3 IDE for verification: