Getting started


Installation requires opam. Please refer to this page for opam installation instructions.

Once opam installed:

$ opam install archetype

archetype is still in alpha version (0.1.5)

For information, list of dependencies:

  • GNU make

  • ocaml >= 4.07.0

  • dune >= 1.5.0

  • menhir

  • omd

  • why3 >= 1.2.0

  • yojson >= 1.5.0

  • ppx_deriving >= 4.2.1

  • ppx_deriving_yojson >= 3.3

VS code extension installation

Please refer to this page to download and install VS code.

Install through VS Code extensions. Search for vscode-archetype:

Visual Studio Code Marketplace: vscode-archetype

Can also be installed with VS Code Quick Open: press Cmd/Ctrl + P, paste the following command, and press enter.

ext install edukera.vscode-archetype

The vscode extension is configured via the normal vscode settings screen.