It is often necessary to cast (convert) a value from one type to another: for example, say you want to mulitply the transferred amount by a duration value to get a new duration value. It is then necessary to convert the tez amount and the duration value into integer values in order to multiply then.
The general rule is that conversions to integer are implicit, and conversions back to specific types (tez, duration) are not.
One conversion worthy of note is the not explicit conversion from tez to nat: it requires the use of the mutez_to_nat function. For example the following converts the transferred amount to a nat value:
dorequire(transferred = 11tz, "invalid transferred amount");
var t : nat = mutez_to_nat(transferred); // t = 11_000_000
The following types may be implicitly converted to integer:
  • duration
  • date
The resulting integer value is the number of the smallest value of the source type: namely second for duration, and utez for tez.
The following example illustrates this mecanism:
effect {
var d : int = 1h15m; // d is the number of seconds (4500)
var res = t * d * 1s; // res is a duration
Note that:
  • the conversion form int to a duration (line 4) is done by multiplying t * d by 1s
  • the conversion from rational to int is done with operators ceil and floor
  • the conversion from int to nat is done with abs
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